The nursery was established by Kyle Kristy about 5 years ago.  In 2013, Debby Whyte was approached by Kyle to join him and combine their incredible skills to create a beautiful nursery known as THE EAZY GARDENER today. It was in 2016 when Debby Whyte took sole ownership of the business and continues to manage and run it.

Our Vision

We are here to provide you with plants and offer advice for possible gardening concerns you may have. 

We are blessed to be surrounded by beautiful plants and are constantly reminded how much joy they bring us - So come on by and experience it for yourselves 

Debby Whyte

Her green fingers were developed as a young lady on a farm just outside of Modder River. Desire, her mother and an avid gardening enthusiast gave her aspiring gardening daughter a small section in her garden, which she could call her own. This small garden truly flourished.

This garden section today is no longer there - thanks to the livestock who made a meal of it.  

It was a number of years later when Debby returned to the farm that she decided to reignite her love for gardening and started a little nursery called Deb-on-Nursery. In 2016 Debby become the sole owner of the business and continues to provide the Nursery with passion, service and experience.  

The Eazy Gardener showcases a huge variety of plants and certainly some of the more unique products on the market. We provide a variety of services such as a retail front, lawn (Kikuyu and LM), landscaping and garden maintenance.


The Eazy Gardener has an exceptional team who are knowledgeable and skilled in planting and selling of plants.


The team is responsible for almost all the propagation and implementing of garden designs and planting of soccer / sports fields. 

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Events & Workshops

Assemble it and take it


After having experienced a number of special requests of assembled containers and baskets we have decided to provide you with an opportunity of creating your very own.

Knowing your creation or possible gift is truly your own brings that warm sense of fulfillment we cherish and remember.

Plant a Mini-Vegetable Patch

We love our veggies and so should you! With this in mind we hope to encourage you to grow your own. Join us to start your own mini veggie garden.